Halima's Story

Yakarash is a village with lots women headed households who lives in extreme poverty. Most of women are illiterate rarely we can find literate woman and girls.

Halima is a woman headed household who is supporting her family. She is from Yakarash village of Kaldar district, Balkh Province, Afghanistan. She belongs to one of the extremely poor family and she has four children, two daughters and two sons. Halima has been selected as right holders of kitchen gardening. She received the required trainings and also the seeds from Action Aid Afghanistan through REALISE project partner OHW. Now she cultivates varieties of vegetables in her home garden and she added varieties of vegetables to her family’s food items to enrich it and make it nutritious. She also gives some to the neighbors for awareness purpose on food security and importance of vegetable in their health and wellbeing.

She also supplies vegetable to the market in order to secure her family’s livelihood. She has started her own small business by selling the vegetable into the market where women is rarely supplying their products into the market even they sell they just sell it in a very cheap price at the community level.  Now she is able to secure her livelihood through selling vegetable and she became an incentive to the rest of women in the community how to start their own small business in spite of having limited opportunities.