Salima's Story

Salima is from Arqawaq village of Kaldar district, Balkh Province. She is a woman headed household which lost her husband and her daughter in-law also lost her husband and they are living together. Two of her grandsons are malnourished. She was one of the most vulnerable women in the village. Salima has four grandsons the smallest were four years old and the eldest were eleven years of age. Before attending the reflect circle she was totally isolated from the rest of community after attending the reflect circle she got recognition with the rest of women in the community. Salima also has been identifies as right holder by Action Aid through REALISE project partner OHW and she got poultry. She got the necessary trainings on poultry.

Salima says:

Before I used to use rice only and I could not afford to buy nutritious food to feed my children and grand children. That is why two of my grandsons are malnourished. Now they can use eggs and also sell the additional eggs for their day to day expenses.”

Salima is abled now to send two of her grandsons to school

Salima says:

I have benefited a lot from the poultry “One, I can make nutritious food to feed my family and if need I can buy. Two, I can secure my family livelihood through selling eggs. Three, I have sent my children to school and I am able to support them in term of providing uniform, school bags and other required stationaries.”